Our Story

The HOL Code was created to serve as a check-in with the most authentic self. Our intent is to celebrate ourselves through the uncomfortable phases of progress and normalize the healing it takes for us to arrive at the peace and fulfillment we all deserve.
The HOL Code began as a No Pride Apparel (a merch brand that stood in as a reminder to exercise vulnerability) and soon became Heal Out Loud, a pathway for empowerment via merchandise.
 Heal Out Loud is a call to be shameless around standing in your authenticity without the need to hide, prove, or apologize.
Through Direct to Garment printing via Print on Demand, our products are created and shipped, ethically, from a United States sourced manufacturer as well as other international fulfillment partners.
We use our brand to serve as a space for restorationwholeness, connection and abundance; all of the gems that lie within the birth right of being human. We are all connected